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Arraignment sugar daddy dating

The driver is seen trying to pick up his machete after dropping it on the sidewalk.The female passenger in the car also got out as the fight unfolded Both the driver and the woman in the passenger seat, who appeared to be dressed for work, hopped out of the car.Harold added that the cellphone video of the incident 'did not capture the beginning'. Roman had been arrested in 2006, but the police records from that arrest are sealed, DNA Info reported.Roman claimed self-defense during his arraignment hearing Thursday, but Assistant District Attorney Timothy Duda said Roman threw his weapon 'so hard that the handle broke and the machete blade flew into the street'The brawl broke out near Broadway and West 94th Street on the Upper West Side at 6.50am Wednesday.It began when Roman, who was driving, allegedly shouted at a pedestrian for not paying attention as he crossed the road.

He described how the man and woman were about to drive away when the pedestrian threw another trash can at the vehicle.He did, however, flash an ammunition magazine out the window before the two started fighting.According to defense lawyer Robert Harold, Roman's wife was also injured in the fight and had to get stitches to her head.An MTA worker who was part of a street fight involving a metal trashcan and a machete in New York City has claimed he acted in self defense.Luis Roman, 40, appeared in court for his arraignment hearing Thursday with a white bandage wrapped around his head.

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He added: 'The defendant, however, does claim self-defense in this case.