Butch woman looking for feminine women for dating

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Butch woman looking for feminine women for dating

Whoever attended a, say, Formula one, event knows the smell of burned rubber and hot asphalt, mixed with the smell of gasoline and sweet beverages and feminine parfumes. Black is a concept fragrance, it plays to the limited crowd who like the smell of rubber and it wants to evoke a racing track feel. Riding on massive successes as Aqva, Pour Homme, Blv, and Jasmin noir they can indulge themselves sometimes and not be afraid of experimenting. There's a limited number of houses that can afford to do something like that, and lucky for us, Bvlgari is one of these. The grandaddy of this kind is Dior's Fahrenheit, which was an avantgarde thing, concentrated on the idea of burning petrol, flame and finally smoldering ashes. Because of the car workshop scents - gasoline, rubber, motor oil, exhaust and so on. But after two or three bottles, I eventually got tired of it, and could not use it anymore. The leather, vanilla and musk smells so good on my skin and I can not stop smelling myself with this. Kind of making me think about a person who smokes cigarettes, wearing a leather jacket, drinking some warm vanilla coffee drink of some sort. "Cigarettes smells bad", yes, well I am just thinking of a smoky leather. They're conceptual, ment to convey a specific theme or atmosphere. Bvlgari Black is a unique creation, really fabulous!I have a bottle of Black, with the On/Off cap that does not come off. But even pre-2009, I still find this lacking in potency/sillage and the lasting power is okay- but light. I read the fragrantica reviews and ratings before purchasing and thought it would be a great blind buy. At first I did catch all the top notes but they went away pretty quickly, withing 5-10 minutes.

On me, I tested my new bottle on my wrist yesterday at 8pm, and now it is 2pm the next day and I can still smell the leather-vanilla drydown faintly. Bvlgari Black is for rough and tough cats who are soft at heart. Why do fragrance manufacturers bother to make such nice scents with such poor performance? Bvgari Black is a fragrance i picked up at a discount store.

It smelled like straight up tires with Armor All on them. After an hour or so I started to smell more of the leather instead of rubber when the amber began to play.

If you like leather and/or rubber you will like this scent.

I do not think this is a fragrance that would do well in the cozy cold night unless your SO is 100% into this fragrance, as it will turn people off if they don't like it. The notes and reviews didn't disappoint as this was a blind buy. Something really fresh about it but not in a soapy way. Edit: same day I wrote this bought a back up lol I'm only human. You crave that smell because you two are bonded together. I hate that smell, but Black is bitter and a little pungent like real Green Tea in Japan, not the sweetened green tea we drink here in the states. It is mysterious and makes my nose curious for more.

So while I think there are better options at night, i would wear this in the evening during cold days and transition to an amber fragrance at night. I haven't smelled a fragrance like it I definitely would be okay with an enjoy wearing this everyday. A smokey sexy rubber latex and leather aroma on top of the most beautiful soft inviting vanilla. I am smelling my wrists and shirt all day when wearing Bvlgari Black.

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The vanilla in this executive suite changes from a cheap sweet vanilla to a more light, high quality vanilla. In short, start off as a fancy car with two horny people in it, turns into a classy scent for doing the do. As far as comparing it to Mi P from VCA, the under notes are quite similar, yes. I was assaulted by an old band aid smell - you remember the old Johnson & Johnson band aids, came in the metal tin, and the strip was this flexible, rubbery stuff? Bvlgari Black lacks the magic I've fallen in love with in LLa M. The low sillage makes it appropriate for daytime wear, but the scent profile is more of a nighttime perfume. It's not complicated, but it's somewhat unique for being basic. Very lovely and comforting I can see myself wearing this a lot this Fall and Winter cozied up to a good book or watching one of my black and white oldies by the fire cuddled up with the Hubby.glad I bought it...

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