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The original lineup of Insane Clown Posse was John Rode (Kid Villain), John Utsler (John Kickjazz), Joe Bruce (Violent J) and Joey Utsler (Shaggy 2 Dope).

John Rode left after Dog Beats was released in 1991, and John Utsler left before Carnival of Carnage was released in 1992.

They decided that their gangsta rap style was the cause of the problem: Most emcees at the time used similar styles, making it difficult for Inner City Posse to distinguish itself stylistically.

Referring to local rapper Esham's acid rap style, Bruce suggested the band adapt this genre, in a bid to have Detroit represent acid rap, much as Los Angeles represented gangsta rap.

The album is the first Joker's Card in the group's Dark Carnival mythology.

The album's lyrics describe the Carnival of Carnage as a representation of the violence that occurs within the ghettos, which takes the form of a traveling carnival to enact the same brutality on the upper class.

The Dark Carnival is elaborated through a series of stories called Joker's Cards, each of which offers a specific lesson designed to change the 'evil ways' of listeners before 'the end consumes us all'.

The duo has earned two platinum and five gold albums.

According to Nielsen Sound Scan, the entire catalog of the group has sold 6.5 million units in the United States and Canada as of April 2007.

There comes a time, every so often, When the Dark Carnival begins to swell with the countless souls awaiting judgement And the thriving mob begins to tear at each other to find a place in lines that stretch out of view And as attractions open wide to accommodate crowds frantically clawing their way inside He will come to perform the cleansing As the seething masses turn to witness him growing near Their eyes attempt to make out his face forming within the looming smoke Suddenly, bang!

Like a continuous explosion, he moves down upon them full of thunderous fury, Enveloping the masses in darkness Then, pow!

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Carnival of Carnage is the debut album of American hip hop group Insane Clown Posse, released on October 18, 1992, by Psychopathic Records.

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