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And not just in terms of age, but in knowledge of winning major trophies.

It was very rare for an Italian player to establish himself in the first team until he was in his mid-20s, with intelligence and understanding more highly regarded than pace or stamina.

Like supernatural faith and charity it is directly implanted in the soul by Almighty God.

Both in itself and in the scope of its operation it outstrips the limits of the created order, and is to be had if at all only through the direct largess of the Creator.

They are in the midst of a major identity crisis, and Giorgio Chiellini insists the fault lies with world football's obsession to copy Pep Guardiola's style.

The Azzurri have been famous for their "Catenaccio" system, but the pressures of modern football dictate top teams cannot be fashionable without an attacking style of play.

Perhaps it's time for change, not just on the dug-out and at boardroom level, but on the pitch as well.

In the past, it was not just a strong defence that provided the pillars of success, but experience.

However, Italy's current attack is, certainly in relative terms, young, and this is a new experience for the Azzurri.

Andrea Belotti and Federico Bernardeschi are two of the hottest prospects in Europe at just 23.

And Juventus defender Chiellini insists Italy have been caught out by the introduction of the "Tika-Taka" era of football, which has stopped them producing elite defenders.

Speaking ahead of the first leg against Sweden, he explained: "Guardiola-ism has ruined Italian defenders a bit — now defenders know how to set the tone of play and they can spread the ball, but they don't know how to mark.

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Consideration of this state of soul is limited in this article to its aspect as a factor in the supernatural order .