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I cannot easily remove them or update them now, as I cannot see a listing of what I have and cannot possibly know where all the files are in the mods folder. This means if I ever need to update a mod, I won't know what might need deleting or changed.And if Skyrim auto-updates on steam or I purchase Dragonborn, and it breaks my mods, I'm fairly screwed.Last but not least, did you set the temp folder as mods/temp or just mods, in case it's the latter you really did something wrong since the temp folder is used (for every PC program) as a folder to store temporary useless stuff (IIRC there should be a check that will prevent you from selecting other NMM paths or system drivers as temp, that's why I'm asking). The update removed them from the list despite all this, all because they didn't have a web link (or thats how it seems). I installed them manually through the mod manager from their .zips, as I had them backed up from a previous install.Just in case that needs further clarification; Duskdweller is saying NMM did not delete your mods. I did not install them from a direct download off the nexus forums.If your hardware works in Steam VR Home it should work in Vivecraft.Vivecraft has specific support and default controls for Vive Wands, Oculus Touch Controllers, and Windows MR Controllers. Vivecraft can be used to play on any normal Minecraft server running the same base Minecraft version. The VR features you can use in multiplayer depend on the server configuration. When you connect to a multiplayer server that does not report running a Vivecraft Server Plugin the movement mode will default to free-move so you do not get kicked for cheating.

The last entry in this file should be the crash stacktrace.

It would have been nice for it to at least give me a choice of what to remove, or let me confirm it's actions before it just went through and 'cleaned' everything (not that it even needed to clean anything, it was all working just fine). i had to reinstall windows but i didnt touch the HDD where skyrim and NMM are located, but the HDD did change it's letter from D: to F: now when i try and open NMM it tells me mods where not uninstalled correctly and it will delete them. now i cant load up NMM and link it to the mod since once it's trying to load up it first telling me it will delete every mod that isnt linked properly and i can tell NMM NOT to delete the mods.

Even if a person DID have redundant entries or mods, a warning would still be good so they could see what files and mods were problem files. i either accept the deletion or i alt ctrl delete and stop the NMM process. i want to let NMM find my mods and continue playing but i cant because of this stupid thing! it's the second time this is happening and even if i understand the reason - there HAS to be a way to make NMM NOT DELETE THE MODS ON ITS OWN!

If you alt-tab or click off it in Desktop mode be sure you switch back to it. At the time of writing this (11/2017), Steam VR itself was not fully working on Mac, and working but with some issues on Linux.

Vivecraft does include Open VR wrappers and code for Mac and Linux both so should work in the future.

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