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Fem sex chat

Older children would be instructed to 'sit on that man's lap and call him daddy'. Tann bribed maternity hospital nurses, who falsely told mothers their babies had died. She asked to see the body, but was told it had been 'disposed of'. Their mother would be described as 'the daughter of a doctor' who had fallen pregnant accidentally, while the father would be 'a medical student'.

Irene Green remembers being told her baby was stillborn. She knocked years off the children's age, so they appeared precocious - and to stop them being traced.

Some youngsters were accused of disappointing their adoptive families.

Joy Barner was told as a teenager by her father: 'I paid 500 dollars for you - I could have gotten a good hunting dog for a lot less.

Her father signed legal papers declaring Rose to be an unfit mother and Onyx an abandoned child. Rose engaged a lawyer, but was unable to regain custody. They'd be gone the next.' Wealthy parent: Lana Turner, pictured in the film Another Time, Another Place, was another Hollywood actress to adopt a child through Georgia Tann acquired the protection of Memphis's corrupt and all powerful mayor, Edward Hull Crump, and eventually set up her own orphanage, at 1556 Poplar Avenue.

In 1924, Tann started work at the Tennessee Children's Home Society, where she turned part-time baby snatching into big business. She had big feet and wore black lace-up shoes,' says a former resident at the children's home. By then, she had met her lesbian partner, Ann Atwood Hollinsworth, who helped Tann ferry babies around the country - as far from their natural parents as possible. June's daughter, Vicci, says: 'Mother said Georgia Tann was a cold fish; she gave her material things, but nothing else.

I don't know why she bothered to adopt her.' By the Thirties, Tann was charging wealthy couples up to £100,000 in today's money for babies.

Tann lured the sturdy, black-haired, brown-eyed boy into her car.Tann molested some of the girls in her care and placed children with paedophiles.Some victims were sold as underage farm hands or domestic skivvies. The lucky ones were sold to wealthy parents, with Hollywood stars, including Lana Turner and Joan Crawford - who adopted twins Cathy and Cynthia - lining up for babies.You come from the lowest scum on earth.' She later found out she had been stolen in 1925 from a loving family living on a houseboat. Jim Lambert and his three siblings were taken from their mother by Tann in 1932.Adoption remains popular in Hollywood: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have adopted three children but thankfully evil Georgia is no longer around to organise the placements The Chicago couple he was placed with divorced and Jim's stepmother hung him up from a hook in the basement.

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