Intj and infj dating relationship advice dating after divorce

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Intj and infj dating

We need a purpose so that we don’t just exist at the receiving end of the world and others’ emotions.

Just being a conduit for the emotions of others is not enough for the balanced INFJ.

These are just some of the external challenges that wounded INFJs face on a regular basis.

Here are some examples of how the INFJ pain points come about: Mark, one of my INFJ clients, struggled with the scarring from his narcissistic mother. Most narcissistic parents offer love and care to their child only to the extent that it supports their story.

Mark had gotten used to being a pawn in his mother’s game, and as such, he never really developed a sense of his sovereign self.

The corporate side of her is still there, but the personal shell that used to be hollow is now a cornucopia of love, tenderness, and creativity.

Merja Sumiloff is an internationally celebrated high-performance mentor and relationship strategist, who has a unique capacity to see patterns within and across modalities.

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