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Meshell ndegeocello dating

But the whole Soul Intro and The Chicken, those are classic lines; they have so many licks that people have ripped off for years and years.“Tive version of Liberty City is really beautiful. My favorite track is Reza, kind of an Afro-Cuban thing in 6/8.It takes up about 10 minutes of the second side of the album – there, I’m dating myself!“What’s great about this record is its accessibility.Sometimes Jaco would do stuff that was hard to comprehend; the song Invitation has a solo that’s so obtuse – unless you’re a hardcore bop guy, you’re not going to have access to what’s going on there.I don’t know if everybody knows this, but there’s two basses on Roundabout; it’s double-tracked. The way that Bill Bruford’s drums interact with Chris Squire’s bass is one of those really special things in music history.“Then, of course, there’s the bass in Heart Of The Sunrise.

"I’m a big believer that every great band has one note that’s all theirs.

He comes into his own as an artist.” “His live version of The Chicken is on here, and that’s something everybody has played.

There’s a reason for that, because it’s one of the most incredible live bass performances in the history of the instrument.

That shit is so agro and great – it's everything I ever wanted to hear in rock bass.

There’s a lot of fantastic songs on the album, but man, I just love the tone.“The secret to the sound of Rage – and a lot of bands figured this out after they did it – is that the guitar is kind of a clean sound, but it’s the bass that’s overdriven.

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[Laughs] It’s a long, meandering improv-oriented thing, with all sorts of cool, slightly ‘out’ stuff.