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Most intimidating police cars

Don’t be a victim of the state government’s revenue raising agenda, your fine may only be a few hundred dollars but demerit points stay around for a three year period and you may eventually find yourself in a situation desperate for more points.Speeding Fine Consultants provide assistance and a support service to thousands of motorists every year who have been issued with unfair speeding fines.

Don’t let this constant bombardment put you off, and remember, the officer is simply after a confession, after a while he or she will simply hand out the infringement notice and you will be on your way.Even if the officer persists in repeating this question and saying the speed detection equipment has shown that you were speeding, do not feel pressured into admitting to the alleged offence.The fact that you are even asked why you were speeding with the implication that you were speeding is an infringement of your civil rights.Further information about Speeding Fine Consultants and Scott Cooper can be found online at note, Car Advice is in no way affiliated with Speeding Fine Consultants, we are simply here to give advice to motorists at the receiving end of unfair speeding tickets, and we feel Speeding Fine Consultants to be the best choice.Stay tuned for more articles and reports on our progress beating an unfair speeding ticket in court.

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