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Gagnon-Sirianni is far from alone in meeting her partner via an online dating site.

After only a few months of dating, the man that POF paired her with gave her a promise ring and swore he would marry her one day.

I think it depends on your area, standards and e-game.

On our first date, I showed up wearing my video-vixen short skirt, and he arrived early to reserve the best seats in the bar.On the other hand, it's viewed as "cute" that I pined over and semi-stalked jokingly my now wife for two years before she panicked, gave in, and started dating me.My Friend has lived with a girl he met off there for the last 2 years. I was catatonic most of the day and ate my weight in plant based food that night. I obviously didn’t care about cycling as much as running. We get to talk about our day, what we like, don’t like, dating and goals and best part end with an awesome iced coffee. He and I sat for a couple hours while he told me all the things he liked about me. I gave him things to think about but I never waited. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for DAILY inspiration!


If you find yourself making excuse after excuse, re-evaluate the item. I much prefer to spend my cardio time with my run buddy. I like the sound of when people say they are going to class. Sometimes we set goals and then we grow out of them. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for DAILY inspiration! Finally after some thought I said “stop liking me so much, it’s freaking you out”. In that conversation I told him “I’m amazing, hopefully I’ll still be available when you figure yourself out (I may have said. There were other things mentioned that I’ll save for another day (or you can hear from him in a podcast that’s about to air). Of course I did in the moment wish and want some things. If you have a comment scroll down past the tags below (or up, if you’re on the main page), or email us at [email protected] LOVE your feedback!!