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Sex cam on video kinect

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One of my major concerns about the Xbox One is this built-in Kinect camera that has the capacity to pick up audio and visual data.

A friend of mine was paranoid about her laptop camera when she first got it. In the Kinect's case, the solutions to this are simple. They're gonna subsidize their game sales with "targeted-demographic marketing info", ie. I live in Michigan, am not an actor on the BBC, and don't have any friends who are Yemenian Jihadists.

You feel it actually might harm your career at this stage and you want to keep your private life private.

You and your partner have sex in the same room where you keep your Kinect.

You're an up and coming actor on British television.

You've come out to close friends and family, but not to the general public.

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You've been a naturalized US Citizen for some years now, but you still keep in touch with your friends and family in Yemen via Skype on your XBox One.

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