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Speed dating yorkshire

Philip Hammond ’s suggestion to look at raising the limit to 80mph certainly looks like a populist move.

Indeed, a survey carried out for Autocar magazine this week reveals that 94.6 per cent of drivers admit to breaking the limit, including my esteemed colleague Mr Millward.

'Green' scheme: A 60mph speed limit will be imposed within months on a 32-mile stretch of the M1 (pictured).

It will be enforced from junction 28, near Matlock, Derbyshire, to junction 35a, north of Rotherham, Yorkshire Whitehall sources said last night that ‘a handful’ of other smart motorway schemes currently in the pipeline could have ‘green’ maximum speed limits imposed to meet air quality targets and avoid Brussels fines.

In good conditions, with a clear road, would it really be so outrageous to have a maximum of 100mph? The 130kph (81mph) limit for good conditions works well.

Crucially, French drivers observe the lower 110kph (68mph) limit in inclement weather.

This margin is needed to take into account faulty car speedometers and, perish the thought, the possibility that speed cameras might not be totally accurate.If this is so, what’s wrong with raising the maximum?Especially when the same survey shows that 6.1 per cent of respondents always break the motorway speed limit by 20mph.AA President Edmund King said: ‘Billions spent on railways to speed up thousands of journeys while hundreds of millions spent on the M1 to slow down hundreds of thousands is an irony that won’t be lost on drivers.Assessment: The Highways Agency said last night that the scheme was likely to spread to other stretches of motorway.

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In any case, the cameras would cost a vast amount of money which, given the state of public finances, may not be particularly easy to find.