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“Their initial reaction to someone coming from another country may be, ‘I don’t know about this guy, I don’t want to take the chance,’ ” says Oreopoulos.

Economic migrants—those chosen because they’re thought to have the kinds of skills that can boost a country’s economy—represent roughly half of all Canadian immigrants, compared to around 16 per cent in the U. The declining economic welfare of immigrants is “a huge problem,” says Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. immigrants earned about 80 per cent of American-born workers, a gap that was roughly the same in Canada. During the last recession the unemployment rate for foreign-born university grads in Canada topped out at 8.4 per cent in 2010. Even during the worst of the recession, the unemployment rate for Canadian-born university graduates hit a mere 3.5 per cent. Canada is also one of the worst at matching immigrants’ education to their jobs, ahead of only Estonia, Italy, Spain and Greece.By the late 1990s, they earned just 60 per cent, rising to 78 per cent after 15 years, according to Statistics Canada studies.These days, university-educated newcomers earn an average of 67 per cent of their Canadian-born, university-educated counterparts.Comparing economic impacts of immigration in Canada and the U.S., Harvard economist George Borjas and former Statistics Canada senior researcher Abdurrahman Aydemir found that Canada had admitted more university-educated workers than the economy actually needed, which drove down the wages of jobs requiring a university degree and drove up the wages for the kind of low-skilled jobs that didn’t even require a high school education. A huge influx of low-skilled illegal immigration from Mexico and Central America caused wages for American high school dropouts to fall 20 per cent, while a move toward employer-sponsored visas for skilled workers boosted wages for workers with postgraduate degrees by the same percentage.

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Padukone was working in finance at Singapore’s largest investment bank. So Google arranged to transfer Mavinkurve to the company’s office in Toronto, where Padukone, with degrees in engineering and finance and experience in international banking, hoped to land a job.

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