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Lowlights: To be honest with you, this huge stock of horny moms who incessantly demand your undivided attention can be somewhat exhausting...

At this time in our lives we recognize that there is so much power and potential that can be given to God while having a lot of fun and excitement along the way!

But, with just a .00 nonrefundable deposit by phone you can ensure your spot on this weekend.

Each case takes approximately 40 hours to complete, or between four and six elapsed weeks depending on what other things are going on in my life.

These cases are made entirely by hand, by me, in my very small workshop.

The corners are made with 1/2" finger joints as opposed to mitred, so not only do they have the look of solid construction, but indeed, are so well joined they will never give way.

I immediately fell into the habit of telling John how he would feel when our romance ended.

These cases will last as long as the pistols they contain.

These cases are a labour of love, and as such, take a while to create.

Located on a beautiful quiet beach, we offer the choice of two tasteful apartments or their combination as the whole house, depending on your group size.

Each apartment is completely independent of the other with its own entrance to the property, yet easily combined for larger groups to sleep up to 14.

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Many of mine emailed in the wake of my separation, saying, “What can I do?